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Making Smart Home Automation Simple, With Delivery Anywhere in Singapore

The modern home is powered by countless appliances, devices and electronics, and this age of convenience brings new challenges to the way we live our life at home. With Near smart home technology in Singapore, you replace tangled cables, stacks of remotes and confusing control panels with a single, easy-to-use interface on your phone, tablet or smartwatch. Now you can breathe easy.

The Smart Home Control System You Can Set Up In Seconds

If you think upgrading your home with smart home products is expensive and time-consuming, think again. Near Singapore makes it easier than ever to transform your house of today into the home of tomorrow, utilising your Wi-Fi network to connect your devices and appliances within a single network. Simply power on the device using the USB cable provided, press on the small button until the blue light begins flashing and pair it with your phone. It’s as easy as that, no ifs or buts. Once you’re set up, share access with as many friends and family members as you need.

Automate Your Appliances | Smart Home Singapore

Compatible with most air conditioning units, TVs and remote controlled wall and ceiling fans, the Near smart home control system connects effortlessly with an app on your phone, smartwatch or tablet to give you full control through an intuitive interface – even when you’re not at home. Turn on the air-con when you leave work, schedule automated routines and issue voice commands through Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. With this added capability as a smart home voice control, you’ll experience new heights of convenience as you go about your daily routine.

Near makes smart home automation solutions in Singapore simple and cost-effective. Choose a product for more information and order online for delivery, with free shipping for any order over $49.90.

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