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Near Smart Downlight


Near Smart Downlight



  • Download Near app.
  • Install downlight and switch it on-off three times.
  • Once the downlight starts blinking, pair it and you are set.

Key Features

  • Schedule & Automate your lights.
  • Control your lights wherever you are.
  • Easy to install & no additional hubs needed.
  • 16 million vivid colour & full range of white lights.
  • Voice control enabled via Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa.

Always in a rush?

  • Never worry about leaving your lights on when you are rushing again, remotely switch them on/off wherever you are.

Voice Command

Command Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to:

  1. Turn your lights on/off.
  2. Dim or brighten your lights.
  3. Change the colour of your lights.
  4. Activate smart scenes for Netflix or Work.


  • Schedule your lights to turn on at a specific time.
  • One-tap smart scene for every occasion.

Easy Replacement

  • Easy to install with interchangeable live/Neutral cable.